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The African Village opened in November 2002, with the intention of remaining true to African cuisine. As diverse as the cuisine is, we continue to update our menu to ensure that our customers will find an item from each of the four regions - Couscous from the North, Ugali and Chapati from the East, Fufu and Dodoh from the West and Salza or Nshima from the South, just to name a few. We hope that your visit to our restaurant will be an exhilarating experience of the taste of Africa.

We take great pride in carrying live coverage of most major sporting events such as: FIFA World cup, African Cup of Nations competition, Major League Soccer (MLS), English Premier League (EPL). When scheduling permits, we also carry National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), Boxing, etc,

Enjoy the best of our African Movies and Music as you enjoy your meals, featuring movie and music stars from all over the continent.


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